Our Ultimate Dodgeball League at Airbound Trampoline Center

Our ultimate dodgeball league allows for people of all ages

to engage in a little healthy competition while jumping on our giant, wall-to-wall trampolines. Soar through the air and rocket balls at the opposing team or be the hero and leap in front of the teammate that’ll win the game for the league. With dodgeball in a jump park, every play is an absolute adventure.

Our leagues are great for kids’ clubs, youth groups, and work bonding activities. We’ve painfully examined all aspects of our league to ensure it is a safe and fun way for people to become involved in the community and compete as a team.

Our leagues last eight weeks long

and allow you and your friend’s hour-long games at our facility in White Marsh. Collect five to eight players, and sign up for a weekly adventure that is unparalleled in our community.

Since our division encompasses all ages, we’ve organized several different league categories to ensure that you don’t have to feel bad about pelting dodgeballs at someone who can’t fire back quite as fast. (Ages are as of September 1 of the current year.)


Ages are as of September 1 of the current year.

  • Unlimited men’s

  • Men’s over 30

  • Co-ed

  • Boys ages 8–10

  • Girls ages 8–10

  • Co-ed ages 8–10

  • Boys ages 11–13

  • Girls ages 11–13

  • Co-ed ages 11–13

  • Boys ages 14–16

  • Girls ages 14–16

  • Co-ed ages 14–16

  • Boys ages 17–19

  • Girls ages 17–19

  • Co-ed ages 17–19

  • Women’s unlimited

  • Women’s over 30

Plan Your Next Trampoline Party

If you happen to fall in love with our facility, be sure to return as a walk-in with your out-of-town friends or even as a fun date idea. We offer private rooms for trampoline parties and separate tickets for open play opportunities. Contact us for more information about our leagues or our event planning. We’re excited to help you jump into an adventure you’ve never had before.